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With limited time and space all turn services need to be confirmed as soon as possible each year.  This is on a first come first serve basis. If APEX isn’t notified, trip confirmed and deposit received more than 2 weeks in advanced to your trip you will not be placed on their turn schedule.  Note that ALL turn service fees will need to be paid 7 days prior to your scheduled trip or they will not complete the turn service. 

All set season trips will be confirmed with APEX by the manager January of that year. All off season trips will be confirmed as they are submitted via the Off Week Booking Request Tab.   Once the trip has been submitted to APEX they will email you with directions on how to pay the deposit to confirm your spot. At that time you may add any additional items to your package.  The boat will need to be returned to the slip by 10:30 AM the last date of your scheduled trip to allow adequate time to turn the boat. A fee will be applied for each additional hour after 10:30 AM.  

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Houseboat Cleaning Cathedral Package Includes

  • Pilot in and out of slip

  • Filling fuel tanks (cost of fuel not included)

  • Filling propane (up to 2 bottles)

  • Filling of water (if applicable)

  • Pump of holding tanks

  • Courtesy fluid check (generators, batteries, engines)

  • Restock of basic supplies: toilet paper (4 rolls per bathroom) toilet chemical, paper towels (6 rolls), trash bags (5)


Interior Cleaning

  • Clean and sanitize kitchen & appliances, bathrooms, living room (couches)

  • Entertainment center, helm, etc…

  • Dust all ceiling fans, wash all interior windows, make beds, wipe down the walls, vacuum and mop all floors, light dusting of the entire boat.

  • Pull bedding and towels.


Exterior Cleaning

  • De-web, vacuum and spray all decks and stairs, wipe down appliances including:

  • BBQ grill, deep freezer, counter-tops, furniture, screens and canvas, bathrooms (if applicable), kitchen (if applicable), wash all exterior windows and trash removal (5 bags max, additional bags will be charged $18.00 per bag)



Cathedral Canyon Turn Package

Tier 1: Boats under 75′ – $1,690     in-slip price: $1,250

Tier 2: Boats 75′ to 85′ – $1,890      in-slip price: $1,450

Tier 3: Boats over 85′ – $2,090        in-slip price: $1,650

Laundry Service (optional, $88 + $2.00 per pound)

  • Each boat needs to provide at least 2 complete sets of linens to participate in the laundry service.

  • One set will keep in our storage to turnarounds can be completed within the 24-hour window.

  • Please notify us if you want specific items laundered (ie: comforters/shams) and include them in your extra set.

  • Orion will have 2 complete sets of all linens, comforters and shams


A La Carte

Pump and Fuel

Tier 1: Boats under 75′ – $582

Tier 2: Boats 75′ to 85′ – $682  

Tier 3: Boats over 85′ – $782        

Mobile Pump Out – $200 first tank $50 for each additional tank

Pilot in & out

Tier 1: Boats under 75′ – $110 each way – APEX ala cart customers get 10% off

Tier 2: Boats 75′ to 85′ – $130

Tier 3: Boats over 85′ – $150

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